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The speed of corrosion are different base on the paint process technology, material used and environment in which it is located. STVS Coating systems with 3 types of coating, each have their own characteristics that answer to these variables. They cover substrates in multiple levels of corrosivity, for different lifetime expectations, allowing us to perfectly meet each product’s specific protection requirements and application limitations

In the corrosive environment, products need to perform safely and reliably, you need to protect both their function and their exterior. We are convinced that the best solution to do so is a powder system comprising of a primer plus topcoat. The STVS coating system warrantied 15 years corrosion protection in level C2, C3, and 5 years up to level C5


  • High-end and Elegant looking for the Site in long term

  • Low cost maintenance

  • UV resistance

  • Superior longevity

Our durable coating systems are environmentally friendly and can deliver superior longevity for C4/5 environments compared to other coating solutions.

  • Sustainable Development:

Powder coating is the ecological answer, the essential coating of Sustainable Development: it’s VOC-free and contains no solvents or toxic components.

  • Robust corrosion protection performance up to 5 years in corrosivity level C5 and 15 years in corrosivity level C2, C3

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