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This single or double leaf sliding gate boasts the latest technology and such smooth and stable operation.

The gate frame is square hollow section steel with a choice of square, mesh or round vertical bar infill. Available in a wide range of widths 3-12m and heights from 1-2.4m.

The STVS Modular sliding gate design has super strong rail with I structure and under ground support that suitable even heavy duty truck areas. The wheels are designed for heavy duty operate give a very smooth and long last operation.

This guarantees trouble-free open/close movements and reduces maintenance.

The main gate beam is heavy dulty steel that give to the gate a strong structure and the accessories was designed much more the loading of the gate weight give a perfection in operation that allow easy manual or motor-driven operation. All gate surfaces are extremely robust with high quality galvanized or high quality marine PU coated finishes (in a wide choice of colors).

• Stable and low maintenance design

• Silent and very smooth operation
• Wide opening width (maximum 12 meters)
• Easily integrated with security options

• 2 years warranty for motors and 5 years anti corrosion at C3.

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